The Wreckers
Meg Stevens, Keith Urban and I
A/C was broken and it was HOT
HLN's Robin Meade
Getting award from 9-11 organizers  
Former Cav great and NASCAR
announcer  Brad  Daugherty
Michelle Maloney and I with Jimmy Buffett
at his Shrimpboat Studio in Key West  
Giving a listener a ride for her
  90th birthday!  
Scott Hamilton
Taylor and I
Shaved her head for K-Ches tivkets
and has the T shirt to prove it!
Jeff & Patti Kinzbach and Melinda & I at the Ohio Radio
and Television Broadcaster s Hall Of Fame Induction
Eddie Montgomery Me and Troy Gentry
Martina McBride
Former Cavs GM and Hall
of Famer Wayne Embry   
Emceeing the Short Fat Guy        
       Slam Dunk Contest
Short Fat Guy Judges and Contestants.. Annie Thomas husband,
Browns All Pro Tackle Joe Thomas. Former Indians Manager
and Player Mike Hargrove and Browns DB Mike Adams.
Mike Hargrove and I on a motorcycle
trip in front of Mt. Ranier
The Family at the famous
Indians "Snowpening Day
game against Seattle 2007
Me and the Pizza      
    eating Bear!   
Taylor Swift and I. My daughter
     Liz trying to make peace.
Akron Marathon
In 1999 I spent 48 hrs underground in a coffin for the
Corpus Christi Food Bank. This is where they burried me
Toni Harrill from our sales dept. pounds a nail    
           in my coffin. Later she cried!
Yep the actually buried me 6 ft. down
That's what you look like after 48 hours underground
Trace Adkins
Dierks Bentley